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I Like Troubled Light


As a child, I captured small moments by blinking my eyes, bottling up experiences in a library of memories. Vignettes of passing time & solitary moments. I wanted to hold that feeling forever, and the deliberate blink-of-the-eye was my apparatus.


I explore dark aspects of the human psyche, and the impact of surrounding natural / unnatural worlds upon the subconscious. How the complexities of mixed emotions create a transitory state of being. Each moment we experience seems singular and ephemeral - yet the lingering feelings last our whole lives. My artworks are rooted in these affecting experiences.

Insightful article on Cactus & Clouds Exhibition, curated by Valerie Galloway
Dream Skies review by Margaret Regan, Tucson Weekly, August 4, 2016


Sometimes I draw cats...

Instagram @patriciakatchur

a journaling of my visual world

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