Saguaro A Memory Game by Patricia Katchur / Cherry Art Editions

Elizabeth Cherry's latest project, Cherry Art Editions, invites three esteemed Tucson artists - Kitty Brophy (Revelations), Valerie Galloway (Salon) and Patricia Katchur (Saguaro) - to each create a Memory Game (20 designs / 40 cards total each set) in signed, limited edition of 100. Be aware, these are not your typical childhood Memory Games - instead, the art designs are serious interpretations on a theme, with many veering to the dark and disturbing. Cherry Art Editions Memory Games will intrigue curious partakers who quest for emotional distress and/or visual pleasures.


Patricia Katchur's Saguaro Memory Game interprets the peculiarities of the distinctly exquisite saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea). Ms. Katchur's mixed-media artworks celebrate the Sonoran Desert's most monolithic and iconic symbol. Beautiful, illustrative and mysterious.



Patricia Katchur / Tucson Arizona