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Beautiful Dark

Patricia Katchur & Joni Wallace

artworks                           poetry

Beautiful Dark began in the spirit of Andre Breton's cadavre exquis or exquisite corpse,  It is a conversation between artists, between media, between the corporeal and non-corporeal, the lit and the umbral.  Image informed text, text informed image through pattern, texture, sound, and poetic associations.  As we worked, subject matter revealed itself - ghostings of voices, silhouettes, landscapes, crepuscular creatures.  The accumulation of these here is intended as a kind of architecture, one  of murmuration and noir, one where a body wishes to to be held. 


noir (n):  1. a form of neorealism in which the subject matter is represented through the lens of any number of nightjars; 2. (v) the representation of one or more silhouettes in  crepuscular light; 3. (v) to flash light an object; to ground or foreground. 

murmuration: 1. (n) the sound made by turbulent blood around or inside the heart; 2. (n) an accumulation of low voices, usually those of strangers, overheard in a public space. 3. (n) choreographed flight of moths or starlings, usually occurring at twilight or dusk. 

She Eats Spiders
Plague Doctor
Shadowling (demon)
Shadowling (blue)
Shadow Lifeling
Death Dreams
Bunny Girl
Mysterial #3
Shadowling (winged)
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