ARIZONA here there then now

1998 - 2007


The ARIZONA here there then now project spanned roughly nine years. During that time, I was living in New York City and yearly visiting my longtime friend Sharon Holnback in Arizona. We would take random road trips all over the state- the whole while taking photographs and delighting in eccentricities.


It was a time of unforeseen changes for me, on many levels.  An eighteen year relationship was ending, World Trade Center / 9-11 attack occurred, and photography as I knew it began to shift from analog to digital. My life was trembling like an earthquake under my feet and somehow these desert jaunts helped me gain a solid footing.

In hindsight, I realize that  ARIZONA here there then now is a documentation of a bygone era, rapidly fading and times a'changing; a slow goodbye to an Arizona of yore. Much of what was photographed has disappeared - murals erased, buildings knocked down, businesses gone under, and deserts depleted of nature and planted instead with housing developments, strip mall and roads. I also recognized the parallel for the change occurring in my life. A fond farewell.


In late 2006, I moved back to Arizona after 14 years in New York City. The project was completed shortly thereafter. These are my last images of Arizona shot with film. 


ARIZONA here there then now was photographed in the old-school analog tradition, using film (black & white, color and Polaroid positive / negative) and modified Dianas, Holgas, Nikon 35mm and a handmade camera. Included here is a small selection from the project.

Selections from ARIZONA here there then now 

Solo exhibition, The Station, Oracle Arizona 2008
Art Rooms, Historic Hotel Congress, Tucson AZ 2010
Solo exhibition, Tucson International Airport, 2011-2012

Patricia Katchur / Tucson Arizona