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'American Southwest'

Arizona • Vanishing Vista • California

 A Photographic Essay by Patricia Katchur 

The 'American Southwest' series is a documenting of changing times, the dying of one culture whilst another becomes the norm. Watching our desert destruct with dryness and be decimated by development is a constant source of sorrow. I first moved to Tucson in 1987 - monsoons were dependable, almost like clockwork and the town was small. My, my - how things have changed. The desert is disappearing, along with the western vistas and ways of life. Time always brings change, but it feels fast and furious with an impact that will forever remove the beauty and explorative abandon that our Sonoran Desert once offered.  A bittersweet goodbye.

Please view
'ARIZONA here there then now'  -which are the beginnings of 'American Southwest'.

'American Southwest' is an active work-in-progress
with continual additions.

 American Southwest | Arizona 

 American Southwest | Vanishing Vista 

 American Southwest | California 

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