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I Like Troubled Light


As a child, I captured small moments by blinking my eyes, bottling up experiences in a library of memories. Vignettes of passing time & solitary moments. I wanted to hold that feeling forever, and the deliberate blink-of-the-eye was my apparatus.


I explore dark aspects of the human psyche, and the impact of surrounding natural / unnatural worlds upon the subconscious. How the complexities of mixed emotions create a transitory state of being. Each moment we experience seems singular and ephemeral - yet the lingering feelings last our whole lives. My artworks are rooted in these affecting experiences.

Exposición Colectiva Fotógrafas Tramontanas: Nuestras Guias del Norte

MUSAS (Museo de Arte de Sonora)

Friday, 1 September 2023
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico • 7pm

Curada por Estela Treviño

Alejandra Platt-Torres
Ammi Robles
Amy Zuckerman
Claudia Platt
Edith Cots
Edith Reyes Freaner
Jane Robert
Jenea Sánchez
Kika Pérez
Mara Sánchez Renero
Mary Madison Finn
Olivia Vivanco
Patricia Katchur
Persia Campbell
Samantha Schwann
Silvia Gómez
Vanessa Torres-Reina
Velia de la Cruz

American Southwest  •  Arizona

Photographic Essay by Patricia Katchur

Horse Shoe Cafe, Cowboy Mural
Benson, Arizona •  2018

Sometimes I draw cats...

Instagram @patriciakatchur

a journaling of my visual world

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